Saturday, January 13, 2018

Philip Reeve to publish 'An Illustrated Guide to the World of Mortal Engines'

As a tie in to the forth coming Mortal Engines movie, author Philip Reeve has announced the publication of 'An Illustrated Guide to the World of Mortal Engines'.

This work appears to a super-dooper rework of The Traction Codex which was published some years ago as an e-book with collaborator Jeremy Levett.

Reeve advised:

"With the Mortal Engines movie looming, it seemed a good opportunity to revise and expand the old Mortal Engines Codex, which had a very patchy e-book release a few years ago.

Jeremy Levett knows far more about history and technology than I ever will, and he’s come up with an impressively plausible account of the centuries which separate the Fever Crumb books from the beginning of Mortal Engines, as well as lots of extra details about the cities, airships and characters who inhabit the books. 

There are glimpses of what the Traction era means for Australia, South America, and other bits of the world my stories never managed to encompass. 

And it will all be full of paintings, maps and diagrams by an illustrator (or illustrators) whose name (or names) I’ll reveal nearer the publication date."


The guide will be published by Scholastic on November 2018.

We suspect that Ian McQue will have contributed to some of the artwork given he has done the artwork for the soon to be published 'Night Flights' short stories collection that features Anna Fang.

The artwork above is some concept work that Ian did when he was inspired by the Mortal Engines book AND seemingly before he had a working relationship with Philip Reeve! I like how life works out!

Update: Night Flights by Philip Reeve

anna fang mortal engines fan art

It did seem odd that Night Flights was up on Amazon but with no official word from Phillip Reeve or the book publishers.

Phillip Reeve has now made an official announcement about his publishing calendar for the year which included reference to Night Flights.

This article is updated to reflect the news.


New stories in the Mortal Engines world are being released in August this year.

Night Flights: A Mortal Engines Collection by ME author Phillip Reeve is up on Amazon as being able to be ordered for an August 2018 release.

The 208 pages long short story collection is described as being:

"Night Flights is composed of three short stories that follow the fascinating, tough aviatrix Anna Fang.

A key character in the Mortal Engines book and film, this is your chance to learn her backstory.

The stories show gripping, moving, exciting moments in Anna Fang's life: her childhood as a slave aboard the moving city Arkangel, her daring escape, an attempt to sabotage the moving cities, a showdown against a Stalker, her free life as an intelligence agent for the Anti-Traction league, and an adventure into the haunted skies of the Dead Continent, America.

Each story is an exquisite feat of world building and imagination, and each contains an instantly-immersive adventure.

Anna Fang is a tough and inspiring heroine that readers and movie-viewers alike will want to know more about. This book can stand alone, but is best paired with Mortal Engines Book 1 or the feature film."

It's a nice tie-in to the movie that is being released in December this year.

Philip Reeve gave an update:

"Ian McQue is also going to be providing a cover and some interior illustrations for this book, which gathers together three short stories about Anna Fang, adding a bit of detail to the stories of her early life which are hinted at in Mortal Engines. 

The middle story is based on my long out-of-print World Book Day storyTraction City, but I’ve re-written it to bring Anna to the centre of things – she made more of a cameo appearance in the original version. 

The other two are episodes from Anna’s life which never found a place in the original Mortal Engines Quartet, and which I think make good stories in their own right – I’m very much looking forward to seeing what images Ian puts with them. As there’s no artwork to show you yet, here’s a picture of Jihae, who plays Anna in the forthcoming Mortal Engines movie. (It was talking to her in Wellington last year which made me decide to do this book.)"

We will hazard a guess that Ian McQue is also doing work on the revised Traction Code Index which is going to be re-released as An Illustrated Guide to the World of Mortal Engines....

No would if there will be an audiobook.


So I was kind of correct in my guesses below...

I got to wondering where had this new work came from given that Reeve has been busy writing the sequel to his Railhead series, Station Zero

Where does he get the time?

And then I remembered The Reevening where Phillip Reeve was interviewed by some very keen book fans on the Mortal Engines Discord Server. 

Reeve mentioned he had some leftover Anna Fang (in fact a whole book!):

"There was a whole abandoned novel after Mortal Engines, about a raft city (Brighton) escaping across the Atlantic from the Green Storm. I binned that, but the basic idea became Predator's Gold, and Brighton reappeared in Infernal Devices, so it wasn't completely wasted. There are a bunch of Anna Fang back story bits which got bumped from book to book and never quite fitted in anywhere, but other than that I don't think there's anything readable lying around."

So we presume, Reeve has gone back to these abandon works, given them some love and boxed them ups as Night Flights.

There is currently no artwork available for the stories, the image above is a fan concept found at the Wiki. If any one know's who drew it, we're keen to give them credit!

Pre-order your copy on Amazon.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Awesome Shrike fan art from ME

leeputmanart has done some sweet artwork of Shrike - Shrike being one of the key elements of the Mortal Engines novel and sure to be a fan favourite in the film.

shrike fan art mortal engines

leeputmanart posted the work Instagram and said "Created my first digital image from a book I love #mortalengines I'm gonna keep doing these and try and illustrate some of my favourite scenes in the book ­čśŐ "

We look forward to it!

The eyes have it!

Dave.xp on Instagram has taken great inspiration of Hester Shaw from the Mortal Engines trailer and given us a great, cartoonish rendition of Hester Shaw.

Those double eyes remind us of Battle Angel!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Crabby Crabby, makes Hester Stabby Stabby!

Sam Treanor has done a wicked pencil drawing of Hester Shaw based on what they saw in the Mortal Engines trailer:

pencil drawing of hester shaw from mortal engines

 We think Hester looks just HIDEOUS which is quite good!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Matrix's Nathaniel Lees is playing Governor Pierrepoint in the Mortal Engines film

nathaniel lee from mortal engines
Lee as Mifune in Matrix Revolutions
The thing we love so much about Mortal Engines is that it's being made in the city where I live, Wellington NZ.

It's home of the Lord of the Rings, King Kong and a host of other heavenly creatures...

And given that it's being made by Christian Rivers and Peter Jackson, there's a fair few Kiwis in the movie - so far we've had local actors Joel Tobeck, Mark Hadlow and Frankie Adams announced and now we have Nathaniel Lees confirmed as playing the part of Governor Pierrepoint.

This is according to Karen Hay Management who represent Lees. The name of his character is in his acting bio.

This is a new character for the movie as the name Pierrepoint does not appear in the novel.

Film audiences may know Nathan from his turn as Captain Mifune in the Matrix sequels and TV shows such as Xena Warrior Princess, Hercules (both  the Young and Older).

Kiwis love him as the priest from Sione's Wedding which was a local smash hit comedy - but this author really loved early 1990's Kiwi Classic, Shark in the Park, a cop drama in which he had a turn.

Lees also had a role in Jackson's Two Towers but you wouldn't have recognized him under the make up as orc Ugluk.

We mentioned Wellington before - Lees did a fairly long stint as a teacher at the Toi Whakaari, a reknowned drama school that has produced many household names (in NZ) such as Cliff Curtis, Robyn Malcom, Kerry Fox and Tim Balme. 

Indeed Balme had a close connection with Jackson appearing in two movies he produced, Jack Brown Genius and the bloody & brilliant Brain Dead (known as Dead Alive to American audiences)!

NZ is a small place...

Karen Hay Management also manages Beatrice Brophy who is listed as playing a "Young Mother".

Monday, January 8, 2018

How the opening of the Mortal Engines film is basically the start of Star Wars

When I was a young lad my dad brought home a copy of a film called Star Wars.

I knew nothing about this movie and I had no idea what I was about to see.

As you probably know, the film starts with a chase. Darth Vader's Star Destroyer is chasing Princess Leia's Tantive IV in a bid to regain the plans to the Death Star.

It was amazing and left a lasting impression on myself and many a viewer due to the size of what was been shown - the ship was massive in comparison to the smaller ship.

I could not help notice how director Christian Rivers appears to have made an homage or reference to Stars Wars in the Mortal Engines trailer. We of course are assuming the trailer is the start of the movie, based on the first page of the book (and its famous first line)

Here's how the Star Wars opening plays out:

The trailer for Mortal Engines is also a chase, one that mirrors the iconic Star Wars start in that the traction city of Salthook is framed by itself, wheels blazing just like the lonely Tantive IV.

Then, the city of London, slowly but surely comes into screen, showing that the chase is on, consuming the entire screen, just as it wants to consume Salthook.

Sure there are some differences between the ME film trailer and the opening of Star Wars such as the two eyed Hester Shaw inter-cuts but the concept and referencing or homage is absolutely there!

Mortal Engines itself is no stranger to Star Wars - the character of Anna Fang was in part inspired by by Han Solo!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Jack Reeve's concept designs of London in ME.

Artist Jack Reeves has had another crack at some Mortal Engines concept art, following the release of the Mortal Engines trailer:

london concept art by jack reeves

I love the cool logo.

Here's Jack's previous vision of London:

Reeve's has some awesome work displayed on his Instagram page.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Empire magazine article reveals new Mortal Engines concept art of London

london official concpet art empire magazine.

Here's a very rough screenshot of the Empire magazine article that features new and official Mortal Engines movie concept art of London. It's two pages scanned together.

It features a close up of the lions that could be briefly spied in the teaser trailer.

The work itself is dark and foreboding, almost suggesting a sense of evil about the place....

As far as I could tell, the words are a just puffery about the movie, there's no new intel but Jackson discussed how he became interested in books.

H/T Somethingorother in the the Mortal Engines Discord.